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Australia’s most innovative health insurance company.

BRW has rated us as one of Australia’s most innovative companies for 2014. Join us to find out why!



We aim to take the pain out of health insurance.

  • Health insurance made easy.

    We’re a new sort of health insurance that’s easy to understand, great value and above all: human. This is the health insurance that we want ourselves.

  • We love online.

    health insurance that we want We don’t do snail mail or unnecessary paperwork and neither should you. Our aim is that you can do it all online whenever you want, and that means less hassle.

  • Customer Service with a heart.

    Our doors are open 24/7 and we leave it up to you to decide how you want to interact with us. Easily manage your policy via our website, tweet at us, or have a good old-fashioned conversation with a human being.


More about us

Be covered when you need it.

There are products designed for every stage of life. That means we can cover almost everything you need.

Extras to stay healthy

Dental care

Eye glasses

Physio & Chiro


Massage & Myotherapy

Chinese Medicine

Speech Therapy


Weight Loss

Emergency Ambulance

At the Hospital

Your own room

Your choice of doctor


Knees, hips & shoulders

Back surgery

Heart surgery

Pregnancy & IVF

Wisdom Teeth

Tonsils & Adenoids


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