Your tax statement

Have you heard the word?

On 1 July 2021, will join forces with Frank Health Insurance.

This year, tax time takes place during this transition to Frank.

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Your FY20-21 statement

Each year in July, your Private Health Insurance Statement (tax statement) for the previous financial year is made available to download from the member portal for your records. Due to the to Frank transition, this year your FY20-21 statement will be available via the Frank member portal later in July. The good news is that if you do your tax online, or through an accountant, you won’t need a copy, as the ATO will already have the same information. That’s one less headache! 

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What's included in the statement?


I’m not with anymore – how do I get my statement?

If you’re doing your tax online or through an accountant, you won’t need it, as the information will be pre-filled by the ATO. If you’d like a copy for your records, you can contact Frank after 1 July 2021.