Where do my premiums go?

Last financial year, 87% of all premiums received by health.com.au went back into our customer claims. Your claims are the most important thing we do.

The remaining 13% covers the cost of running our business, including our awesome customer service team, to make sure you're getting real customer service when you need it. We're super proud of our staff here at health.com.au. We try our best to make sure that when you contact us you’ll never wait long.

We pride ourselves on providing real, human, we-give-a-damn service. In the last financial year we had over 22K chat sessions, in which 92% of our chat customers tell us they're happy with the service, and we work really hard to keep improving the service we deliver during business hours. Plus we’re on all your favourite social platforms, so whenever you need us, we’re there.

Hospital for peace of mind.

When we’re seeing public hospital waiting times as long as they are for elective surgery, private hospital insurance means you can get treatment quickly in a private hospital with your choice of doctor in the room. We paid out over $77 million in hospital claims last calendar year.

health.com.au private hospital insurance gives you access to a national network of private hospitals, so no matter what state you’re in, we’ve got you covered. We’re also part of a group, along with many other health funds, which negotiates on our behalf to reduce the cost of hospital admissions for our customers.

Extras made easy.

We give you a flat-rate back on all of your extras up to your annual and sub-limits. So you know exactly how much you’re getting back, every time. As a result, we paid out over $29 million on extras claims last year. We deliberately design our extras products to be used, and to help you stay healthy. That's why we're here.

We want you to use providers that you’re most comfortable with. As a health.com.au customer, you’ve got the freedom to choose. Take your health.com.au card with you to claim on the spot, or make your claim online when it suits you.

Change can be a challenge.

Nobody likes a price increase. We absolutely understand. Unfortunately, health insurance premiums generally increase as the cost of healthcare in Australia rises.

Nurses and hospital staff receive wage increases. We see higher costs from other medical and health care providers, expensive advances in medical technology, and the inevitable increase in medical attention from an aging population.

We believe everyone deserves the best possible care with access to the latest treatments. These advances in healthcare are great because they help us live longer, healthier lives. But they’re not cheap, and they’re a big impact on our claims.

Actually enjoy dealing with your health insurer for a change.

Let’s be honest. On your list of to-do’s for the week, managing your private health insurance is somewhere pretty close to the bottom. We’re trying to change that by providing a fresh, energetic, and human face to health insurance. Our team, culture, and customer experience is focused on delivering what you need, with a healthy attitude. You’re not just paying for insurance: you’re paying for friendly, fuss-free, simple cover for when you need it the most.