You've been debited more than usual

Did a higher than expected amount come out for your fortnightly/monthly debit? If so, here are the main reasons this may have happened:

Changing product. As you’re always paying in advance with health insurance, if you’ve changed your cover part way through a fortnight/month, you’ve already paid for to a more expensive product. If this happens, a pro-rata will come out with your next payment to cover the difference in price from the day you’ve changed cover to your next direct debit.

You’ve missed your last payment.  If your last payment failed for some reason, we’ll send you a text and an email advising of the fault, and attempt to debit two payments when your next direct debit is due. (Of course, we can always take a credit card payment or attempt to take the missed payment in the next payment run if you’d prefer.)

Changing your payment cycle.  If you’re having payments come out on the same day each month, moving this cycle to a different day will incur a pro-rata payment on top of your next direct debit, to cover the gap left from the day you were paid up to, until the day you want your next payment taken with the new cycle. This means you’re always covered.

Changing states. If you’ve recently updated your address with us and you’ve changed states, this may incur a pro-rata on your next payment, as health insurance policies differ in price depending on which state you’re in.

Lifetime Health cover Loading.  If you’ve recently switched to from another health insurance provider, we may need to change the amount of loading you have on your cover if it is listed on the clearance certificate we receive from your old insurer. If this is the case, an extra amount will be added to your next payment to cover the cost of the government loading from the day you joined

Changing rebate. If you’ve recently decreased the amount you receive from the government when claiming the rebate, a pro-rata will be incurred on your next payment to make up the difference.