The term ‘pregnancy related services’ refers to any medical treatment or procedure that is related to a pregnancy, which can be provided throughout all stages of pregnancy. This includes the following types of medical treatment:

  • The management of labor and delivery of your baby (obstetrics)
  • Treatment required for any complications arising from pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancies, a threatened miscarriage or an incomplete miscarriage
  • Gynaecological procedures related to a pregnancy including ante-natal care
  • Treatment required for pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy related illness

Once you have decided on a private hospital, it's probably a good idea to do a search to make sure it is one of our contracted hospitals.

The other important thing to keep in mind when speaking with your Doctor (who'll be helping with the delivery of your baby) is that your private health insurance and Medicare (together) will cover up to the Government Scheduled Fee. Anything over the Government Scheduled Fee (which the doctor can go over) would be an out-of-pocket expense. Best to mention this to your doctor and get an informed financial consent (quote) so you are aware if there are going to be some out of pocket expenses.  

Only the treatment you receive in hospital throughout your pregnancy will be covered. Like any medical service, the fees charged by your Obstetrician for the management of your pregnancy outside of hospital can only be claimed through Medicare.

What will my baby covered for in hospital?

A newborn baby is not usually admitted to hospital as a patient unless:

  • They require neo-natal care
  • Are the second, or later, child of a multiple birth

If you're already covered with, please contact us within three (3) months of your baby’s date of birth in order to add them onto your cover with no waiting periods. If added after this time, normal waiting periods would be applied to the newborn.