LHC exemptions

Exceptions for Australians and Returning Permanent Residents from Overseas

Australians and Permanent Residents recently returned from overseas can apply for an exemption from the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading amount.
Who can apply?

You must meet the following criteria to be able to apply for this exemption: 

  • You turned 31 before 1 July 2000 and have been resident overseas since 1 July 2000 
  • OR you turned 31 after 1 July 2000 and left the country before next 1 July
  • You have been resident overseas ever since (which means no more than 90 consecutive days in Australia).

How do I get an exemption?
To apply for an exemption, you will need to contact the Department of Immigration & Citizenship on 131 881 to request and complete ‘form 1359’ (i.e. a Request for International Movement Records).
Exceptions for Recent Immigrants

Recent immigrants over 31 years old can avoid Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading by getting private health insurance within one year of registering for Medicare.   
What your next steps are:

  • Contact Medicare on 132 011 to obtain a letter stating your Medicare eligibility date 
  • The Medicare eligibility date is the actual date that you were enrolled or registered for Medicare benefits
  • Rest assured, this is a common request so Medicare will know what you need
  • Attach the letter and drop us a line with it!
  • We will then apply it to your LHC, hopefully reducing or waiving it entirely. 

Please note: LHC applies to each adult individually so if you are on a family cover it is necessary to get an exemption for every adult in your family who is over 30 years old.