What is health maintenance?

Looking to hit the gym, drop the smokes or an excuse to get off the couch? We cover a tonne of different services under health maintenance, because whether it's a New Year’s resolution, a friendly office rivalry or trying to beat your personal best, we want to see you kicking goals.

Health maintenance programs are things like...

  • Weight management programs
  • ​Gym memberships
  • Kids sport
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Relevant first aid courses*

*For first aid courses, your doctor will need to indicate the condition your first aid course is supporting.

We’ll cover all your membership and consultation fees. Do bear in mind that we can’t cover the cost of associated of food and health products.

So how do I make this health maintenance thing happen?
Under the Private Health Insurance Act, we have to make sure that your activity – whatever it is – is medically relevant. So simply fill out a health maintenance form, and get your GP to sign it. Once that's done, drop us a line with your form and receipts, and we'll do the rest!

As of January 1st, once your GP has signed the form, this is valid for 24 months so don’t worry about sending us a new one every time you claim.