Natural Therapies

Here at, we have a broad range of extras packages that contain varying levels of natural therapies cover.  The natural therapies limit that come with our extras packages can be used for consultations for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  This means you can use your whole entire limit for one type of service, or spread it across all three (if you were that way inclined.)

Bear in mind that doesn’t have any preferred providers, so you’re able to go to any practitioner you prefer, as long as they’re registered to practice the service they’re providing. This means if you’ve got an acupuncturist nearby and don’t feel like getting in your car or walking a marathon to get to a preferred provider, you can head on down with the confidence that you’re able to get your benefit back with us. No questions asked.

If the practitioner has a HICAPS machine, you’ll be able to claim your benefit back on the spot. Or, if you’re provided with a receipt for the service, you can claim online by logging in here, or sending a photo/scan of your receipt.

Of course, if you’ve got any questions on this or anything else, drop us a line.