Authorising another person on your cover takes the matter of protecting your personal information from unauthorised access extremely seriously. Thats why only the policy holder, or partner/spouse that is insured on the same cover, can make enquiries and changes to that cover.

However, please be aware that only the policy holder can cancel their cover.

Is it possible to nominate another person to act on my behalf?

Yes, as long as that person is 18 years or older. We understand that there may be times when you require another person to manage your cover on your behalf. As the policy holder, you may delegate authority; however, this person will remain unauthorised to cancel your cover.
To nominate another person, you’ll need to pass a full security check over the phone, and then provide the full name of the authorised third party, together with two other pieces of information such as date of birth, phone number, address/email address.

This can also be accomplished by emailing from the registered email contact for the cover and providing the details of the intended authorised third party with the same details. If you’d rather do it that way, you can drop us a line. operates in accordance with the Privacy Act and our Privacy Policy.