Adding or removing people from your account

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Claiming and the online member area are unavailable from 25 June onwards. You can claim again with Frank from 1 July 2021. 

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Now, back to what you came here for: Adding or removing people from your account


Things change. We understand that. We’ve made it easy to add people to your insurance through logging into your account.

But removing someone from your cover is a bit more involved.

You’ll need you to drop us a line or livechat us, as there’s a bit more to it that we have to sort out.

*Please note: any person aged 16 years or over can remove themselves from your cover, even if they’re not the policy holder.


Adding a newborn to your cover makes it easy for your fabulous newborn baby to be covered in the event that special care is needed in hospital.happy mother and child

That said, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled.

  • Your must have held (and paid for!) at least 2 months of active, appropriate hospital cover prior to the birth of your baby.
  • You need to contact us to add your newborn baby to your cover within 2 months to the day of your baby's birth. The addition of the new baby must be back-dated to the date of birth. This may result in an arrears amount being generated, if you’re currently on a single cover.

If you’ve fulfilled the above requirements, then your baby won’t have any waiting periods to be served, and will be covered at the same level of cover as yourself. Result.

If you contact us after this 2 month grace period, then your baby will be added to your cover from the date of request and all waiting periods will apply.

We encourage you to add your baby prior to being born, as all we need is your due date rather than an exact date of birth, which can be difficult to predict (at the best of times). Please note that you’ll still need to contact us to update your baby's name, sex and actual date of birth after the event. If you do this, it does mean that your cover may increase in price as of your due date: however, we’ll adjust this to reflect your baby's actual date of birth when you contact us later.