Why Men should try Women’s Workouts

These days we can very much assume that women can do most workout men can. You hear words like, “She squats, bro” or “She lifts bro” and hashtag #beastmode all over them-ladies’ instagram. For the strong and fitspo ladies, there are some of those who will stick to their conventional lighter forms of female-dominated exercises like yoga, pole dancing, zumba (aerobics) and pilates.

Yes, you will see a lot more dudes flexing around in the gym than claiming space on the studio dance floor, but here’s why we think men should try women’s workouts.

Flexi is the new sexy, big bro!

Those big muscles you admire at the gym while you flex in front of the mirror (depending on the gym you go to) can be admired at the yoga studio. Try yoga and pilates to lengthen and stretch your body.

Have you tried hot yoga? You really should. Nothing embarrassing working out in a room full of people; especially in a room full of hot, sweaty women. Let’s lay some science on you here. Women glistening with sweat while contorting their bodies is sexy. What you’re thinking about them, they’re thinking that about you too. Like, try hard not to look like a creeper, make sure you have your eyes focused, and you’re wearing a fairly safe outfit.

Then, you’re thinking to yourself “I’m pretty sure I can do a handstand. I cannot do a handstand. Okay, are we done now? Where is your bathroom so I can throw up and cry at the same time? Namaste.”

Get out of your comfort zone, try the unconventional

If you could do crazy deadlifts, you’re probably the king of push-ups. Then when you go to a pole fitness studio, you try to do the flag pose. Lo and behold, you’ve done so much weightlifting and push-ups, pull-ups become a challenge.

Our bodies are conditioned in the environments we train our bodies for. Try a few pole dancing classes and you’ll find out how fun and challenging they can be, although I can’t say that studios around Australia might offer the same type of gyrating, booty-shaking movements for men as they do for women who want to feel liberated through sexy movements which have now taken Australia (and the world) to a whole different level of fitness and fun. Still, you have to love how different and challenging the workout is and many pole dancing studios now cater for men.

Pilates can help to build core strength and improve flexibility. In fact, the founder of Pilates is a man and that’s his last name, with first name being Joseph. The practice has quite masculine origins, created as a way to help wounded soldiers with limited mobility. This in turn would help increase flexibility, improving other sports from running form to golf swing.

If you’re into zumba, it’s a great way to improve your rhythm, increase cardio and flexibility depending on moves. A really good way to hone your moves at the club!

The gym or studio is a better place to meet your potential partner

For singles, finding women for dating is a challenge for those searching for an ideal partner. Without a solid idea of where to go, individuals find themselves struggling to meet new people. Fortunately, there are several places that function as excellent platforms for meeting new people. Seek women for dating at the gym or studio to maximize your chances of finding a new romantic interest.

The gym is a great place to meet new people as long as you do not interrupt someone’s workout. Use the gym as a way to get into better shape and keep an eye out for interesting people you want to meet. Introduce yourself and tell people about your goals. Before you know it, you may have a gym buddy or a new dating prospect. A definite plus point for you especially when you’re good in the fitness workout they’re doing.

Think of it the same way as how you’d love your girlfriend to be interested in your footy game. You understand her sport. And now you’re into yoga? You’re a keeper.