What Kind of Yoga Class Should I Choose?

With so many different kinds of yoga available it can become very confusing as to what class may be right for you.

Let’s assume though that it is hatha yoga you want to do.  Hatha yoga is simply the physical yoga – opposed to say a meditative yoga.

It’s important to know that yoga is not a benign practice.  There are loads of options and it’s probably a good idea to get the right class for your body rather than for your ego.  In the wrong class you may find yourself getting injured, or perhaps you simply won’t enjoy it and then think ‘yoga isn’t for me’.

The first place to start is to be realistic about your body and what it’s capable of doing.  Don’t let your ego dictate which class you should go to.  Do you have any physical or psychological conditions that need to be considered?

What do you want your practice to include – are you after lots of physical work, would you also like some meditation, relaxation, breath work, discussion or even philosophy?

Other questions to ask yourself include:

  • What size class would I prefer?
  • What qualifications would I like my teacher to have?
  • What kind of arrangement suits me best – school terms, pay as I go casual classes, separate classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced or everyone in together?
  • What can I afford?
  • How often do I want to go?
  • Do I want classes that can be swapped around on different days?
  • Is there a particular style I want to practice, or should avoid practicing?
  • Do I want a classic yoga class or am I happy with a hybrid class.  Google the different styles and talk to your potential teacher.

When looking for a class:

It’s OK to ask lots of questions beforehand (although maybe not just before the class is due to begin!) and expect that your teacher will answer them.
Don’t be afraid to let your teacher know of any personal preferences, eg. ‘please don’t make any physical adjustments’.
If the class is really not working out, it’s OK to excuse yourself and leave.
Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back.  Yoga Australia is a great source of information to get you going.  Failing that, there  is loads of information on the internet.