This Year’s Hottest Fitness Trends

The long awaited warm weather is fast approaching and with it brings endless possibilities for getting fit whilst having fun in the sun. No more slogging it at the gym, summer is all about heading out into the great outdoors and trying fun new fitness activities.

Here are some of the hottest ways to get fit this summer, so slop on some sunscreen and get out there!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Popularised by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and … Stand-up paddle boarding or SUPing for the regulars, is the latest craze in summer water sports that enables you to enjoy all that the sun and water has to offer without even getting wet! It involves a board, similar to a surf board but bigger and more stable, which you stand on and paddle. It doesn’t take long to get used to and you’ll be paddling at full speed in no time. SUPing is great for building core strength due to the twisting action involved in paddling, and for toning the arms and legs. If regular SUPing is too mundane, you can try stand-up paddle board yoga! An extension of outdoor yoga performed on the boards which requires extra strength, balance and co-ordination to keep yourself out of the water. Hiring a paddle board usually costs around$20-40 per hour including instruction.


Kayaking has stood the test of time as a favourite summertime fitness activity with a recent resurgence in popularity. Whether you’re paddling on the ocean, a river or a lake, kayaking is a great way to build core strength whilst toning up your arm, shoulder and back muscles. Kayaks can be hired for $40-$90 per half day. If you’re interested in a group paddle why not take part in the Reclink Australia National Paddle Series, with events held all over the country, there is sure to be a paddle near you.


For the more adventurous, the latest craze in jet powered water sports is flyboarding. This involves strapping yourself onto a board that is powered by a jet engine and with a little practice you’ll be hovering above the water like you’re flying –Iron Man style! While this is a little more expensive, approximately $250 per 45 mins, it is heaps of fun and instructors promise even the most uncoordinated amongst us will be able to master this sport due to its intuitive design.

Touch AFL

If you prefer your summer fitness activities on dry land, then give touch AFL a try. Also known as AFL 9’s, touch AFL is an adaptation of the original AFL game we all know and love that utilises marking, handballs and kicking but on a much smaller field and without the rough and tumble of tackling. The AFL 9’s season runs across the summer months with easily manageable 40 minute games and both men’s and mixed competitions available.

Roller Blading

If you’ve been out pounding the pavement lately you might have noticed a distinct rise in the number of roller bladers out and about. Harping back to the 70’s and 80’s this fitness trend is making a comeback. Excellent for building cardiovascular fitness and toning your legs, roller blading is fun for young and old. Just remember to strap on some super-cute/dorky knee and elbow protectors and a helmet!