Clean Out your Gym Bag

There aren’t really that many things you’d need to take to the gym. You probably need your shampoo, sanitizer, wipes, extra clothes, shoes, your own dumb bells (say what?). Now, seriously? Let’s #uncomplexicate things. Let’s not be hoarders. Let’s be objective and bring only what we need to the gym.

Good Shoes

Whether hitting the pavement or treadmill, we can’t imagine our lives without our good pair of kicks strapped on our feet. These must-haves offer enough support to protect our delicate arches, but are lightweight and buoyant enough to satisfy our need for speed.

Comfortable Clothes

High quality comfortable clothes that would absorb sweat and allow your pores to breathe would be essential. Some fancy-coloured branded expensive clothes might do the trick too if you’re one of those who get motivated by what you wear. Make sure they’re safe for viewing for the general gym-goers, no gym-fashion faux pas – i.e wardrobe malfunctions. Ensure they’re comfortable enough for you to squat or stretch.

BPA-Free Water Bottle 

Keep yourself hydrated with your water bottle for pre and post workout drink. This would help rid your body of toxins and allows your body to work and burn calories more efficiently.


Have some munchies depending on the time of the day during your workout. Try snacks that can stay in your bag since they need no refrigeration, such as fruit and nut bars

Flip Flops

If you shower at your gym, that means tons of other people do too. In order to prevent catching athlete’s foot or some other nasty bug, wear flip-flops in the shower. This is great to wear to your yoga sessions too.


This one’s to wipe off your sweat during workout!

Laundry Bag

When you’re done with your workout, you don’t want your dirty, sweaty clothes to mingle with everything else, so keep a laundry bag in your gym bag.

Great Music

Nothing channels motivation more than a good beat and rocking tunes. Take your workouts to the next level with the iPod and good ear buds, which can clip right onto your clothing for easy access. This is only if your gym doesn’t offer good music already.

Notebook and Pen (or your mobile phone)

Chart your workouts and progress to get organised. Download an app to keep progress of activities. This helps with motivation.

Extra Hair Bands for Ladies

Keep some extra hair bands in your bag to ensure you have hair off your face during your sweaty workout.

A band aid or blister pad – maybe two

Depending on how hard or difficult your activities are; some band aids or blister pads may come in handy!

Yoga/Pilates Mat

If you need a good stretch and don’t wish to use the gym’s yoga mats, it might be worthwhile to invest in your own mat. At least you know you’re the only one sweating on it.

Cycling Shoes

If you’re an ardent cyclist during your spin classes, this might be helpful and would make your ride much smoother. 


Gloves of all sorts; kickboxing, weightlifting and etc. would come in handy to ensure good grip during your activity.

Weightlifting Belt

If you do weightlifting, a weightlifting belt would help prevent injury to the lower back during heavy lifts and can increase performance.

They’re not really that many items you have to bring now, huh?

Last but not least…

A Positive Spirit
Bring a positive spirit to the gym. Have a goal and great motivation when you enter the gym. Tell yourself you’re going to hit your goals at the end of the workout. No pain, no gain!

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