First Time Dads – What to Expect

First time Dads – the stuff they don’t tell you

Being on the other side of this experience and not qualified to comment from the male perspective, I set out to find it. I started with my own husband, father to our three children and ever supportive partner in life. However, upon hearing his ideas, my female intuition concluded that he was holding back – most probably out of necessity. As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life!

Social networking was my next port of call, and it saw me putting the feelers out on Facebook. With a variety of responses, I decided that my female intuition had been correct. It appeared that any of my male friends who had commented publicly, had provided poised diplomatic answers. It was the private message that gave me the real juice!

So first time Dads, here are the top 10 responses to prepare you for the journey ahead! (Warning: information contained within this blog post contains graphic portrayals, honesty and zero sugar coating!).

Two red lines, congratulations you’re pregnant!

You are having a baby. P.S. you ‘da man! It worked! Be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions that you are about to experience. The initial excitement WILL subside to fear eventually. Life as you know is about change forever and you will be responsible for another human being for at least the next 18 years (well since we’re being brutally honest, this generation of young adults are living with their parents well beyond 18 years old, try 20 – 30 years).

Your relationship

Be prepared to take a side step. Your partner will be fixated on your little miracle and less on you. Where once she used to focus on you, laugh at your jokes and want to spend time having intimate conversations, she will now want to sleep and roll her eyes at your jokes (who finds jokes funny on two hours of sleep?).

Your partner

That fun loving, carefree woman is no-longer (well at least for a short while). She is a mother, a protector, a nurturer, and as such now has a huge responsibility. Imagine a Lioness with a baby cub – don’t mess with her or her cub (even though it’s yours too) or she will scratch your eyes out. Nurture her and support her like the queen of your jungle she is!

The stork arrives….times have changed

Now that the baby is here, there is so much to do. It makes you wonder what you did with all that time prior to baby! Prepare yourself for additional household duties as your partner will be busy 24/7 with baby’s needs. Also, you will underestimate how much time you can spend just watching your little creation.

Social life – what’s that?

Golfing weekends away, music festivals, boys’ night out and footy at home with 20 of your closest mates is about to become a luxury you can’t afford! If you like to sleep in your own bed, I dare you to tell your partner that she is staying home alone with the baby while you have a few drinks with your mates. It’s not a comfortable night’s sleep on the couch, and very cold locked outside altogether! And as for having your mates over, I guarantee they’ll notice the tension in the air when they arrive, beer and pizza clad, ready for a not so quiet night of footy. Hmmm awkward!

Left alone

You may think that you have the Dad thing under wraps; however you won’t truly understand until the first time that you get left at home alone with bub. Take notice of routines right from the onset as this will serve you well for that time when mum is gone and the buck stops with you.

Speak no evil

Choose your words carefully when speaking to your sleep deprived, hormonal partner. Don’t say, “What did you do all day?” or “did the baby sleep through last night?” because this could very well result in a flying object heading square in your direction.

Life’s little luxuries

There may be only two true luxuries left in your world – sleep and sex. And in that order too. If you get much of either, then you’re livin’ the life!

And finally…..

Be supportive of your partner. Do the optional Ante-natal classes that hospitals offer. Trust yourself, work together as a family unit and lastly….enjoy!