What Private Health Insurance is Right for Me?

There are so many types of cover out there that it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick which one is right for you. Sure, you might think ‘Family! I have a family so family must be right for me. One Family, please!’. You could even think ‘I’m on a budget – I’m going to opt for the cheapest option. One cheapest option, please!’.

Or, we can help you decide what private health cover is right for you! Sound fun? Believe me, it will be. Let’s begin.

What Life Stage Are You In?

Are you a young, single, world at your feet person? Or maybe you’re looking to start a family, or already have one. Perhaps you’re an older lady or gentleman. In all instances, we’ve got products to keep you covered and give you that piece of mind.

Young People

‘I’m young, I’m fit, I’m healthy – I don’t need to go to hospital!’. It’s easy to think that, and it might be true in the past. Health insurance offers many other benefits on top of hospital cover, such as physiotherapy and other extras benefits. So, in the interests of saving money while still retaining hospital cover (just in case!), maybe something like Basic65 is for you. But don’t take it from me – have a look at our quote page and make your own comparison.


There’s a few things to covering a family. Naturally, you’ll want your children covered as before too long their teeth will be falling out, they might need glasses and should something terrible happen, you want the best medical treatment available, so private hospital cover is a must.

If you’re looking to start a family, you’re going to want pregnancy covered. Give our customer centre a call to find out what’s best for you.

Saving on Tax

You might simply want private health care to avoid the medicare levy or so as not to incur a lifetime healthcare loading. That’s cool too – you still get loads of great benefits! To do this, you might want to get the minimum hospital cover, but while you’re at it – why not consider something with a few more benefits? It might not be too much more money and you never know – you might just need it one day!

So which one is right for you?

Well, we’ve given you the groundwork to decide, but the best thing to do is speak to one of our friendly customer service people, based right here in Melbourne. It can be tough deciding, with a lot of information and mumbo-jumbo, so let us sort through it and find the right private health insurance for you.