Autumn Foods – What’s in Season?


According to the Asian healing arts, Autumn is a time of gathering-in as the stillness of Winter approaches. In food terms, that means stimulating the appetite with baked and sautéed food, and allowing sense of smell to reign to enliven the lungs, which require special focus in Autumn. To begin this physical process of gathering-in, the Autumn diet includes more sour foods like sourdough, sauerkraut, olives and pickles, vinegar, lemons and limes, grapefruit, plums and grapes.  Cook with less water, and at a lower heat, for longer periods.

The ugliest yummiest veg

Pity the poor celeriac; it really is the tumour of the veggie world, all gnarled and warty.  But peel its thuggish outer layer, and add a potato or two for company, dice, boil and mash together with garlic and butter, or whip into a bed of tangy wasabi mash, or cut into thin strips and bake into fries. Try these and you’ll never judge this globular root so unkindly again.  There’s lightness to it celery-potato flavour.

Ugly on the outside, but attractively tasty.