5 Common healthy eating mistakes

Healthy eating is a way of life, it’s not a diet or some big bad monster depriving you of your favorite foods! Being healthy is actually freeing and about giving your body the nourishment it requires to live optimally.

No more will you feel dead tired upon waking, lethargic during the day or unmotivated. Healthy eating enables you to get to your ideal weight, have a strong immune system so you avoid the cold/flu season, slow down aging and feel more vibrant during the day so you can get on and do what you’ve always wanted to do more of.

So often we’ve been lead a stray by delicious looking unhealthy foods that we forget what leading a healthy lifestyle is actually like!

5 common healthy eating mistakes most make:

1. Not Getting Back on the Horse

Binge eating and not getting back on the horse after all your efforts with implementing a healthier lifestyle as you believe all your efforts have now been wasted so why bother. Just because you binge here and there doesn’t mean you give up trying. No one starts on the road to healthy eating and succeeds straight away, it takes time! This is the number one mistake made and one that many let ruin their changes of leading a healthier lifestyle.

2. Calorie Counting

Being worried about calories and not healthy eating. Focusing on not being able to eat this or eat that as its high in calories does you no good at all. Healthy foods contain nutrients which fuel your body and assist with optimal living and in turn weight loss. Many foods low in calories are unhealthy but people are eating them because they are low in calories not because they are healthy or nutritious.

3. Eating Junk When Stressed or Feeling Down

This happens a lot especially in women and around the monthly visitor time. Life can be unpleasant at times which can cause you to want to eat junk to make yourself feel better. Feeding feelings with food is not the answer and can lead to stomach problems and unwanted weight gain. This is something many women do all too often which causes more harm that good.

4. Lead astray by health crazes

There is always something in the news about a new food with super powers and is the be all and end all of all your problems so you should eat nothing but this food! Ok, a slight over exaggeration but these adverts can make you feel like that at times. In truth no one food is the be all and end all to make your problems go away, a variety of healthy foods in moderation will do this as different foods contain different nutrients. Focusing solely on one food vs. a variety is another big mistakes many make.

5. Diets, Diets & More Diets

Atkins, Low Carb, Slim Fast, Paleo, 5:2, Lemon Detox, Dukan, Celebrity Slim etc… just to name a few. Diets are not the answer to loosing a bunch of weight that’ll you’ll never put back on. Many dieters put the same if not more weight straight back on after being on a grueling diet, why? Because diets are not sustainable long term and cause deprivation which leads to eating more of what you missed out on. The claims they make are temping but are unrealistic for the long term.

5 Action Steps for how to avoid these 5 common healthy eating mistakes:

1. If you fall off the horse look at what caused it and think about what you can do differently next time then get back on it and start again! No one ever learnt to ride a bike the first time.

2. Forget calorie counting! Instead focus on eating foods with a higher nutrient content such leafy green vegetables, vegetable juices and green smoothies.

3. If feeling stressed/down feed your feelings with solutions and taking action such as taking 5 minutes to look at why your feeling this way, look at what you can do differently and what you can do right now to break the habit (i.e. walk it off, talk to someone etc…)

4. When a new health food comes out onto the market do your research first and if its something worth adding to your diet then do so but avoid focusing solely on having it in everything. Moderation is the key.

5. Forget diets, they don’t work. Focus on long term results with a healthy eating regime. If you want to lose weight increase your intake of leafy green vegetables, vegetable juices and green smoothies.

By being aware of the 5 biggest healthy eating mistakes and applying the action steps to avoid them you’ll have the greatest chance at maintaining a healthier lifestyle and being able to do more of what you’ve always wanted to do.