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Welcome to health.com.au!

We want you to be happy, healthy and fully informed so we have created this cheat sheet for you. Promise we won’t bore you with anything you don’t need to know!

 Introducing your.health

your health.com.au online portal

Manage your health.com.au policy online. Use the below links or visit our dedicated customer page. 

Customer Home

Claim in 2 easy ways

1. Swipe your health.com.au card

Swipe your health.com.au HICAPS card at your appointment and we will pay your benefit on-the-spot. Use our handy online provider search to find a registered HICAPS provider near you

Find a provider

2. Claim online @ health.com.au

Use any recognised Extras provider you wish, pay the bill and claim it back by signing into health.com.au. Available 24/7.

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Switching from another insurer?

Your old insurer doesn’t want to let you go!

And so sometimes they drag their feet with the process. A few things to be aware of;

  • It takes two weeks for your previous insurer to release you to us
  • In that time your previous insurer might keep charging you
  • By law the have to refund you if they do
  • Sometimes your first payment with us will be a different amount to your normal payment amount. This is called a pro-rata payment.

Been more than 2 weeks? 

I want to follow it up Check my policy details now

Can I make claims immediately?

Switching from another health insurer?

When switching from another insurer, any waiting periods you have already served will be recognised so that you don’t have to serve them again. If your new health.com.au policy is an upgrade from your previous cover then you may have to wait before you can claim, but only for the services you didn’t have on your previous policy.

New to private health insurance?

If you have never had private health insurance before you will need to serve some waiting periods before you can make a claim.

One of our friendly customer team can check your waiting periods for you.

Check my waits

Annual Limits

As is usual across the entire industry, annual caps apply on your policy.

To check what annual limits apply to your policy you can view your policy online.

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24/7 Online Help and Support

Instant answers to all your questions - search our knowledge centre now!

Going to Hospital?

Check out this video. We’ve also put together a handy guide for you.

Stay Healthy and Connected!

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