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Chiropractic cover that has your back

Top 5 reasons to see a chiropractor        

  • Spinal pain
  • Headaches
  • Spinal modality
  • Nerve wellbeing / communication
  • Body balance

Why see a chiropractor?

Headaches, sudden spinal pain, teaching your kids good posture, reminding yourself about good posture, or just in need of a good back crack (who isn’t?) – where there is a spinal or mobility issue, a chiropractor can help. Spines aside, did you know that chiros also address a number of functional issues? As the spine houses your central nervous system (responsible for all bodily functions) your chiropractor can may also be able to help with things like digestive and menstrual issues.


What makes chiro cover with different?

No doubt you’re here because you’re looking for health insurance that gives you what you need, when you need it. Things like straightforward chiro cover. Not a big ask – right? But dealing with some health insurance companies can be a total pain in the neck. And you’ve got better things to do than wade through paperwork. This is where we step in. Your search for fuss-free, friendly chiropractic cover ends here.

What about waiting periods?

If you are switching to, you don’t have to wait again. We will honour all of the waiting periods you have served with your old insurance company.

If you’re getting health insurance for the first time, you will need to serve some waiting periods. Let’s explain this is further detail.

The freedom of choice

Medicare doesn’t cover you for things like dental, optical, physio or natural therapies yet health insurance can. Most health funds want you to use their providers — we want you to use your favourites. And we let you choose how much you want to get back on your Extras so you’re always in control.

Claiming on the go has never been easier.

Making a claim should be dead simple – so we’ve made it so!

We don’t make you line up in a queue to make a claim. You can either claim on the spot at your health appointment or go online 24/7 when it suits you.

More information about chiropractic

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and nervous system health.

A bit of background: the word ‘chiropractic’ is derived from Greek, meaning ‘perform with the hands’. Needless to say, the most important aspect of chiropractic treatment is the manual adjustment of the joints and muscles of your body.

Chiropractors are your go-to when you to relieve, recover from and prevent symptoms like back pain, tiredness, discomfort, awkward mobility to help you get back to living your best possible lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Why do I need chiro cover?

Your spine houses your central nervous system, which is a pretty big deal! So when your spine is out of alignment or not moving properly it not only hurts, but it also hinders the nerve communication along your spine. And let’s not forget your joints – these guys put up with a lot of stress and can get quite painful. Your chiro can manipulate your joints to normalize thei function and reduce pain both in the joint and surrounding muscles.

After the first session, you’ll feel much more aligned and any acute pain should be on its way to subsiding. You’ll definitely begin to feel more aware of the way your spine moves – little things like the way you sit, stand and walk. You’ll walk out of your chiro’s practice feeling ‘adjusted’, but ultimately you’ll feel more aware and empowered.

What can I expect from my chiro treatment?

The treatment is often manual and ‘hands-on’. This means that they work with manipulations, but chiropractors are very communicative, so you can rest assured they will make you feel very comfortable and at ease.

The treatment is designed to help you recover from what ails you, and to educate you on ways to prevent it from happening again (did you even know that your spinal health could be responsible for ailments like constipation?) As a patient you are involved in your own care through awareness and education in your own treatment.

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