1. Visit a smile.com.au dentist.
2. Enjoy 15-40% off.
3. Claim with your health.com.au extras as well.




If you’re a health.com.au customer with extras, you’re also a smile.com.au member – it’s automatic.

That means you can get as much as 40% off dental treatment when you visit a smile.com.au dentist – just by presenting your card.

Then you save again by claiming on your health.com.au extras cover.

Let's find me a dentist!



Am I eligible for the smile.com.au savings?

If you have a health.com.au extras cover, you’re in.  Even if your extras are combined with a hospital cover, you can access smile.com.au’s benefits.

What if I’m not covered for major dental with health.com.au?

That’s one of the main benefits of your smile.com.au membership through health.com.au.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover all dental items, you can get access to the services you need – and the associated savings – with a smile.com.au dentist.

So, while you obviously can’t claim on your major dental work through health.com.au, you can use your health.com.au card to claim your smile.com.au savings for that service.

Is there a process I have to go through?

Yes – a very simple one:

First: find a smile.com.au dentist. There are over 2000 of them throughout Australia.

Second: book an appointment. Easy.

Finally: claim your extras. Take your health.com.au card along and enjoy the savings.

What if I have waiting periods to serve?

smile.com.au won’t worry about your waiting periods – you can go to the dentist and enjoy their savings (using your health.com.au card) straight away.

If you want to claim your health.com.au extras as well, you’ll need to serve your waiting period.

Are smile.com.au dentists any good?

They’re very good.

All dentists in the smile.com.au network are fully qualified and, of course, registered to practice dentistry. They’re rigorously screened prior to being approved and are continually monitored throughout their time practising as dentists in the network.

What if my favourite dentist isn’t a smile.com.au dentist?

That’s OK!

If you love your dentist who happens not to be a smile.com.au dentist, you’re under no obligation to change.

We’ll keep providing the same extras coverage – you just won’t get the smile.com.au benefits.