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Health Insurance Explained

Got the health insurance bamboozles?

We’ve got a cure for that.

Everything you need to know about health insurance and nothing you don’t.

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How to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover Loading


Learn more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge


Are you eligible for the Private Health Insurance Rebate?

Choosing the right cover

Believe us when we say you’re not alone in your search for affordable health cover that ticks all the right boxes and doesn’t bamboozle you with industry jargon.

We’ve got you sorted. With policies that are easy to understand, clearly defined coverage and a claims process that is spectacularly straightforward.

Choose my cover

Top 5 reasons to get health insurance

  • Hospital cover when you need it most
  • Extras to help you stay healthy and cover you for things Medicare doesn’t
  • Potential savings on taxes and loadings
  • Skip the queue and choose your own doctor
  • Ambulance cover

Browse our Hospital & Extras policies and get your health cover sorted in just a few clicks

Our packages are designed to make sure you’ve got coverage where you think you might need it, or to make sure you’re not paying for stuff you don’t use.

Hospital Cover

Depending on your level of cover private hospital insurance can cover you for things like

  • accidents
  • arthroscopies
  • colonoscopies
  • shoulder and back surgery
  • knee reconstructions
  • removal of tonsils, adenoids, wisdom teeth and the appendix;
  • all services that Medicare pays a benefit towards

As a private patient you will be covered for same day and overnight stays, meals, nurses, operating theatre costs, intensive care and government approved surgically implanted prostheses.

Hospital Cover

Extras Cover

Medicare doesn’t cover you for things like dental, optical, physio and natural therapies yet health insurance can.

Our policies have flexible Extras, meaning you can choose to get either 50%, 65%, 75% or even up to 85% back when you claim.

We don’t make you line up in a queue. You can either claim on the spot at your health appointment or go online 24/7 when it suits you.

Extras Cover

Waiting Periods

If you are switching to health.com.au, we will honour any of the waiting periods already served with your previous insurer, meaning that your satisfaction in your health insurance starts immediately!

If you’re getting health insurance for the first time, you will need to serve some waiting periods. Let’s explain this is further detail.

Lifetime Health Cover Loading (LHC)

Turning 31 and still don’t have private health insurance? Join before you June 30 and avoid getting slugged with Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

Learn how to avoid the LHC

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 View our LHC infographic

Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS)

The MLS is an additional surcharge for tax payers who don’t have private hospital cover and have a taxable income of over $90k for singles or $180k for couples / families.

Find out if the MLS applies to you.

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View our MLS infographic


Private Health Insurance Rebate

Most Australians with private health insurance currently receive a rebate from the Australian Government to help reduce the cost of their premiums. The rebate, known as the Australian Government Private Health Insurance Rebate, is income tested.

The rebate applies to hospital, general treatment and ambulance policies. It is available to those with Medicare eligibility. The rebate levels effective from 1 April 2015 are:

rebate table

Got more questions?

We’re health insurance experts who are passionate about providing straightforward products and amazing personalised service. We’re available online 24/7 and you’ll be supported by our awesome customer service team who will help you get the most value of your policy.

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