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Flexible health insurance to suit your family


Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we have cover to suit families of all shapes and sizes.

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It’s important to review your health insurance on a regular basis to make sure your cover still fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Our packages are designed to make sure you’ve got coverage where you think you might need it, or to make sure you’re not paying for stuff you don’t use.

Kids pay $0 excess going to hospital

Active kids are happy kids! And whilst being active is great for our kids health sometimes accidents happen – which is why you’ll pay no excess if any one of your kids ever needs to go to hospital.

Emergency Ambulance Transport. Always Free.

When in trouble, the last thing you should worry about is paying for an ambulance. All our products have free emergency ambulance cover.

Talk to us… whenever you need to!

When you ring us with a question, a real live human answers the phone — and they’ll be having a really good day at work! We’re here to make everything about health insurance a lot more enjoyable.

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Choose any provider

Most health funds want you to use their providers. We want you to use the ones that you’re most comfortable with. gives you the freedom to choose.

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More back when you claim

Our policies have flexible Extras, meaning you can choose to get either 50%, 65% or 75% back when you claim.

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Growing families

We have health cover that includes pregnancy so you can be sure that you are comfortable when welcoming any new additions to your growing family. Stay healthy and energised with great value Extras which include cover for dental, optical, physio, natural therapies and heaps more.

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Older families

When you’re finished having children, we can revise your family policy to ensure you’re not paying for stuff you’re unlikely to need like pregnancy.

We have family friendly policies for your needs and budget. Plus, when you add great value Extras like dental, optical, physio, natural therapies and health maintenance programs that everyone can benefit from.

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Single Parent families

We know as as single parent that time is limited. Our policies are easy to understand, we make it clear what you’re covered for and what you’re not. Our aim is to make health insurance straightforward and hassle free. And that’s a promise.

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