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Couples Health Insurance

Health insurance for the two of you

Step 1: Get awesome health insurance

Step 2: Get on with living life

Our health cover will tick all your boxes

Things change. Whether you’re just moving in together or have been together forever, we’ve got cover for just the two of you. Our packages are designed to make sure you’ve got coverage where you think you might need it and to ensure you’re not paying for stuff you don’t use

Why choose

  • No queues, no paperwork
  • More back when you claim
  • Cover that is easy to understand and easy to use
  • Potential savings on taxes and loadings
  • Hospital coverage when you need it
  • Stay fit and healthy with our great Extras – your future selves will thank you!
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How can I minimise my tax?

If you don’t take out hospital cover before July 1 during the year you turn 31, you’ll get with slugged with premium loadings as you get older. Also, if you are a high income earner you could avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge as well. If this sounds like you, get your health insurance sorted.

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Your favourite health care providers

Most health funds want you to use their providers. We want you to use the ones that you’re most comfortable with. With you have the freedom to choose.

We’re open 24/7

You love online. We love online. Let’s get together. 

Back in ye olden days you had to line up in a queue, in a shop, and probably during your lunch hour. Or worse wait on hold for hours n hours. No thanks!

With you can claim, check your limits, get your questions answered instantly and so much more, all online 24/7.

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Get peace of mind

We’re health insurance experts who are passionate about providing straightforward products and excellent personalised service. We’re here to help get the best cover for you and your partner.

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