Whether you’re an IT nerd, a number crunching machine, a painter, a barista or just someone who loves to chat, we can find a home for you.  We’re not in the business of shoving square pegs in round holes, we’re here to foster and grow all the best bits of what makes you YOU. We’re always looking for great, unique talent, from service to sales to web development or even something we don't realise we need yet. At, you’ll get an unbeatable environment and support to grow and succeed in the directions you want.

Established in 2012, was the first new private health insurer in Australia since 1976, and we’ve been doing what we can to shake up the market ever since. Underpinned by best-in-class technology and the support of the broader GMHBA group, we’ve gone from strength to strength, bringing speed-to-market, tech and innovation to a tired industry.

We’ve won just about every award we could win outside of a Nobel Peace Prize. We’d love for you to help us win some more. In return, you’ll receive competitive remuneration and be part of a unique, challenging, supportive team environment where continuous learning and collaboration are the key to our success.

Have a competitive side? Dive into our annual FIFA Tournament, unleash your inner shark on the pool table or see if you can be the first person to ever beat Angus at table tennis.

More of a quiet type? Bring, swap and enjoy one of the many books in our Book Sloths corner or spend some time tending to our staff garden.

None of this appeal to you? All of the above are staff initiatives: so we can’t wait to see what you bring. - LinkedIn Jobs